What Is Discipline?

Leaving a Session We slide into the final part of the Big Four (Bankroll, Knowledge of the Game, Money Management) and the one that decides whether you win or lose. It’s called Discipline, and it ain’t as easy as you think. It’s gonna take a tremendous effort on your part to follow t (Read More)

Accepting Your Bankroll

Recognize Your Shortcomings Recognize and accept your shortcomings! If you don’t have what it takes, get out or forget it! The bulky 275-pound football player would like to be the glamorous tailback and score all his team’s touchdowns, but he is force to play tackle. The five-foot, si (Read More)

Plateaus: A Key Element of Your Success at the Tables

How you place wagers and your betting patterns in general will be more determinant of whether you win or lose. Most people will get too frustrated with a cold streak, especially if they get one when they first sit down. Betting wildly and emotionally will make you lose 9 times out of 10. Y (Read More)

Sports Handicapping – There are no sure bets

Here is my favorite tearjerker story to tell. It was a football game football game several years ago (I believe 2003 or 20004) between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars. My daughter Lori and I had arranged our bets to where we had the under (46) and Jacksonville +3. The scor (Read More)

Tips for Wagering Money

Online Casino Betting Tips Let’s get right to it, no leading up to the punch line, the ace in the hole, and all of that crap: The whole entire, complete reason people lose in gambling is because they don’t have money management. And the whole, entire, complete reason they won’t win (Read More)

Online Casinos now offer services to iPad users

Recently, there have been several different online casinos that have ventured into the design of casino games for tablets and mobile phone devices. These casino games are best viewed when played on an iPad or another tablet device. This is because the larger screen allows better viewing of (Read More)

Quicktender Shutdown: Will Players & Affiliates Ever Be Paid?

It’s been nearly a month since I requested almost $1,000 from Quicktender and there’s still no money in sight. Unlike many players and affiliates, I withdrew my account balance right before the Quicktender/UseMyWallet shutdown. Then I received this email (which basically says t (Read More)