Online Slots for Real Money

Slot machines have come a long way since Charles Fey invented the Liberty Bell in 1895. Today, slots are much more dynamic with exciting features such as progressive jackpots, video reels, and bonus games. Slots are the most popular attraction at both live and online casinos and have created more over-night millionaires than any other casino game in history. You can find some of the best online slots at the casinos below.

Best Online Casinos for Real Money Slot Machines

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What to Look for in the Best Online Slots Sites

When you’re looking to play slot machines online for money, there are a few key things to look for:

  • The option to play slots for free (play money) or for real money
  • Low stakes and high stakes slot machines
  • A generous slots bonus for new players
  • Secure deposit options
  • Fast cash outs
  • Easy-to-use slots software
  • VIP programs to reward regular slots players
  • Odds that meet or exceed that of live casino slot machine games

Playing Slots Online for Real Money – Pros and Cons

Playing slots online differs greatly from casino slot machines. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of playing real money slot games online.

Advantages of Internet Slots

  • It’s more convenient to play online slots rather than going to a casino.
  • Your bankroll will last longer playing online slots. Since online casinos have slot machines where you can play all lines AND qualify for jackpots for just $0.20 per spin, it’s much more affordable to play online slots. At live casinos, you’re lucky to find a machine where you qualify for the bonus round or jackpot for less than $1 per spin.
  • Online casinos offer hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars in free slot play – even for new players, something you rarely see at brick-and-mortar casinos.
  • Online slot machines are always available; whereas, you may not be able to find play the exact slot machine game you want at a regular casino. Plus, when you want to switch slot games, you simply click on a new one, instead of walking all over the casino.
  • There are more slot machine games online than at the casino. Brick-and-mortar casinos do their best to cram as many slots as they can in their casinos, but it’s still not the variety you’ll find online. The cool part about online slots is that casinos use different software providers. Each software company makes their own unique slot games. That means you can potentially play 500+ slot machines online.


Disadvantages of Internet Slots

  • Internet slots aren’t able to keep up with modern advances of casino slot machines. Today’s live slots have features such as touch screens, group interactivity, multiple game capability, and even 3d screens, which you won’t find online. To some, that makes online slots less appealing than their live counterparts.
  • It takes longer to cash out online. Unlike a live casino where you can take your slots winnings and run, it usually takes a week or two to receive your cash from an online casino.

Winning Money at Online Slots

To win money at online slots you need to do the following:

  1. Learn about the different types of slots rules and slot machines.
  2. Make sure you understand how to read a slot machine.
  3. On jackpot slots, play the minimum needed to qualify for the progressive.
  4. Play all lines possible on multi-line slots; it will increase your win frequency.
  5. Always play the max bet on 2 and 3 coin single-line slot machines. The greater prize increases your overall payout percentage.
  6. Take full advantage of online slots bonuses when you can.
  7. Play in online slot tournaments any chance you get. Even though you still need luck on your side to win, your odds are decent since the tournament is limited to the few people that buy or win an entry.