Handicapping Methodology

Soft Line and Situational Analysis Bettors who handicap pro-sports that utilize a “point spread” for wagering, such as football and basketball, often do not realize Vegas oddsmakers are only interested in keeping bets evenly split on both teams. This way, sports betting bookmak (Read More)

No Limit Texas Holdem Tips

To improve your playing skills and knowledge, here are some useful tips for playing your starting Texas Holdem hands. Of course, the best tip is always to keep your cool when you are betting. Don’t go “Tilt” and bet all of your money away in two hands because you got a ba (Read More)

Texas Holdem Player Types

Each poker player has his or her own playing style, no matter they realize it or not and each playing style can be effective enough. Remember that you may be more or less successful poker player, depending on your type of play. In this post, the term ‘style’ will be referring t (Read More)

Full Tilt Poker in Financial Trouble

It’s been weeks since Full Tilt Poker stopped accepting U.S. players after the DOJ indicted the site’s owners. And players are still wondering how to play online poker in the US for real money and when (and if) they will be able to cash out. Full Tilt’s main competitor, Pokerstars, s (Read More)