Nothing Is Certain For Prospective Kentucky Derby Contender Field

* In theory at least it should be easy to determine the twenty horse field that will compete for the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May.  In fact, due to changes in the qualification process for the race that were implemented a couple of years ago it should be easier now than at (Read More)

Handicapping Methodology

Soft Line and Situational Analysis Bettors who handicap pro-sports that utilize a “point spread” for wagering, such as football and basketball, often do not realize Vegas oddsmakers are only interested in keeping bets evenly split on both teams. This way, sports betting bookmak (Read More)

Good Handicapping in Horse Racing

Acquiring solid Handicapping skills is the first ingredient to consistent, long-term profits. But what exactly does “Good Handicapping” mean? It requires the ability to pick a high percentage of winners. Contrary to what some so-called experts preach, this is a must. With the h (Read More)

Play Slots on your Mobile Device

Would you like to be able to play slot machines for real money from your smartphone or other mobile device? Well now you can! You can play online slots from your smartphone or tablet at Simply go to from your mobile device and sign in (or create an account if it is you (Read More)

Betting on NFL Conference Championships and Super Bowl

The NFL playoffs are down to 4 teams in the hunt for the 2014 Super Bowl. In the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers travel to the hostile Seattle Seahawks home field, where fans generated an earthquake that was measured on the richter scale when Marshawn Lynch run a TD. In the AFC, it’s a (Read More)

Mobile Sportsbook

Trying to find that mobile sportsbook site that is perfect for you, with a wide selection of sportsbetting, live and in-play betting online? Look no further than our comprehensive links and sources to get the edge in the gaming realm and have some good solid fun! You can try the sports bet (Read More)

Gaining an Edge Over the House

The Holy Grail of casino gambling is somehow gaining a mathematical edge over the house. Question is can it be done? More specifically for online play…can it be done playing at Internet casinos? Ask your typical online system seller and they’ll tell you sure, you can beat the casino. A (Read More)

Picking on Online Casino

I have seen hundreds of casino gambling websites, and just like land based casinos, there are good ones and not so good ones. I have written reviews for a few of the ones I have played at. I can only speak from personal experience, but each of these online casinos has treated me fairly and (Read More)

Virtual Racebook 3D

I am a big online slots player.  They are the perfect combination between relaxing and exciting.  I was looking for a change of pace today and looked into the Specialty Game section at Slots LV.  There I found Virtual Racebook 3D and now; I think I have a new pastime. As you can see  t (Read More)

Betting on NFL Games

The 2013 NFL season is underway and now is as good of a time as any to give you advice for placing bets on the game. If you saw the first week of the regular season, then you will understand that it is not easy to make the right picks against the spread. Let me recap Week 1 of betting on t (Read More)

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