Online Craps for Real Money

Many land-based casino craps fans may find it difficult to understand the appeal of online craps…until they try it themselves.

One of the first benefits of online craps goes to the novice gambler. With all the free craps games that they can find on the internet they have the opportunity to learn craps in private and practice without losing any money.

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Most of the people now prefer instead of going with a friend who knows the game to a crowded and noisy craps table in a casino to learn to play, they choose to learn independently at home in a cozy atmosphere where can be easy for them to concentrate on the game.

It’s true that in a casino they can find free training courses but an hour lesson at a craps table is good, but not always enough to allow you to retain what you learn. Better still, the net is full of free, well-researched information so there’s no need to invest in expensive strategy books.

Playing from home eliminates the distractions associated with land-based play; cocktail waitresses, strategically placed mirrors that serve to disorient, an absence of clocks and windows, free alcohol that can dull your senses, hypnotic carpet patterns, and hustling dealers.

You can now with online craps games to lower the house edge by focusing your attention on the game, considering that a player has the option to pause the game at any point to consult a reference book, website, living expert, or a calculator, which can have an significant effect on the house edge.

The option to gamble from our own home instead of boarding an airplane and heading to Vegas, is simply much more attractive these days. So as we work towards a safer sky, online craps offers a timely alternative.

Secure fund transfers have always been a big consideration for potential players, and from the online casino’s perspective, game security was priority number 1. Once the technology behind both of these nerve inducers had been fairly standardized and acceptable, the industry, and online craps, began to really take off.

As with any area of business capable of producing profits, money was put into the front end. The result for you and me are incredibly realistic online craps games, with graphics, sounds, proper game-play, and even some multiplayer abilities!

As for playing real online craps, should you do it any differently than regular craps? Generally I have to answer no, play it as the same game. The only reason I would have to hesitate stems from the fact that the major casino software producers for the online casino industry actually don’t always follow the rules strictly in their game design.

In craps the player should be allowed to lay odds relative to the amount they can win. If the casino normally allows 2x odds and the point is a 4, the player should be able to lay 4 times the don’t pass bet on the odds. Taking odds on the 4 pays 1 to 2, for winnings of 2x the don’t pass bet. Don’t be discouraged though, there are no major rule violations, and the house advantage is still under scrutiny by the online craps proprietor’s gaming commission.

How to Play Craps

Your standard craps bet should be in increments of three units. This way you take maximum advantage of the free-odds allowances. This strategy optimizes the free-odds bets, (bets the house has no edge on), and brings the total house advantage down to the lowest possible in a single odds game.

This is how you should play craps:

  • Make three unit pass line and come bets until two points have been established. Back both bets with the highest single odds allowed.
  • When a point repeats, whether as a come or pass line point, you should make another three unit pass line or come bet. By doing this you still have two points working for you. If a 2, 3, 11 or 12 declares a winner or a loser on the new pass line or come bet, you should make another bet. You do this until you get that second point established. When it is you make the highest single odds allowed on that point.
  • When a shooter sevens-out, clearing the board of all bets, you should start over and make a new pass line bet.

Double odds against the shooter

When it’s possible, the ‘wrong’ bettor (a player betting against the shooter) should play double-odds instead of a single-odds game. By using this strategy you lower the house percentage from 0.8% to 0.6%.

However, double-odds strategies tend are usually more aggressive than the single-odds games and are more suitable for players with an aggressive style of gambling. The double-odds bettor takes bigger risks but at the same time has the chance of getting greater payoffs. Consequently this tactic demands a larger bankroll than his single-odds playing.

Type of bet

House edge on bet

Type of bet

Pass Line



Don't Pass Line

1.40 %



1.41 %


Don't Come

1.40 %


Odds 6/8



Odds 5/9



Odds 4/10



Don't Odds 6/8



Don't Odds 5/9



Don't Odds 4/10



Place 6/8

1.52 %


Place 5/9

4 %


Place 4/10

6.67 %


Buy 4/10

4.76 %

2: (-5%)

Lay 6/8

4.0 %

5:6 (-5%)

Lay 5/9

3.23 %

2:3 (-5%)

Lay 4/10

2.44 %

1:2 (-5%)

Field Bet (2&12 pay

5.55 %

1:1 or 2:1

Field Bet (2or12 pay

2.7 %

1:1, 2:1, 3:1

Big 6 & 8

9.09 %


Any Seven

16.67 %


Any Craps

11.1 %


Aces (2)

13.89 %



13.89 %


Ace-Deuce (3)

11.1 %


Yo (11)

11.1 %


Hard 4

11.1 %


Hard 10

11.1 %


Hard 6

9.09 %


Hard 8

9.09 %


Remember that the casino wants you to make the bets with the worst odds. The table lay out is structured to draw your attention to these kinds of bets and the stickman will also you tempt you into making them. Don’t lose your patience and make bad bets just to get an immediate result. This is a sure way to lose a lot of money.