What Is Discipline?

Leaving a Session

betting-disciplineWe slide into the final part of the Big Four (Bankroll, Knowledge of the Game, Money Management) and the one that decides whether you win or lose. It’s called Discipline, and it ain’t as easy as you think.

It’s gonna take a tremendous effort on your part to follow the strict rules of discipline. Leaving a table with less than you’d like to win is a rough thing to do. You’d love to stay and go for the big kill, but the trick is in recognizing the fact that a bad trend may be developing, and you gotta get hoppin’.

Another tough part is leaving a session before you entirely go through the money you brought to that table. There’s always the thought in the back of your mind that if you stay there just a few more spins, the tide will turn.

I’m trying to discipline you in the matter of realizing that you don’t have to stay at tables that are going against you. Simply leave that session and start up at another one.

What’s so intelligent about staying at a game where you’re getting consistently whacked?

The Correct Way You Should Gamble

Discipline isn’t just the matter of leaving a table during a dry spell or of quitting with a profit. Discipline encompasses all of the approaches to the game that are laid out. Just glance at a few of these:

  1. It takes discipline to break your bankroll into sessions and not just bring your whole wad to the first table
  2. It takes discipline to stand and chart table after table looking for one that is trending in the way you predetermined to bet
  3. It takes discipline to set and follow a strict betting method and to have each betting series uniform
  4. It takes discipline to stick to the same seemingly boring system when you’re dying to make multiple bets all over the table
  5. It takes discipline to walk around the casino after you’ve locked up your profit for the day and watch all of the other players jumping from table to table
  6. It takes discipline not to make a play for the cocktail waitress. But it also takes brains, because your wife is only two aisles away

These and many, many more tiny acts of discipline add up to the correct way you should gamble at Casino en Ligne. Each move acts separately and requires strict adherence to that particular part of your day. It ain’t gonna be fun and it ain’t gonna be easy.

Just like a chain, don’t weaken even one link; otherwise the whole project will fall apart.

A Controlled Way of Gambling

People call me up and tell me they did everything I laid out for them and still lost. That’s gonna happen plenty of times. But when I press these people to explain their whole day, it never fails that they left out one or two items that they didn’t think were necessary.

Funny thing, most people tend to leave out “charting the tables.” Another big rule buster is “loss limits.” People always feel they’ll stay for “just one more shot.” It’s usually the shot that kills them.

What is discipline? It’s a number of tiny things linked in a controlled way of gambling. But if I had to give you the street-talk answer of what it is, it’d come out like this: “Discipline is hard to understand, harder to put into play, and hardest to stay with.”

Wonder how many of you will have the guts to stay with it.

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