The Best Real Money Bingo Sites Available Online

bingo-sitesRecently I received a complaint about an online bingo site that was slow paying this member. She explained to me that she was trying to receive her winnings and deposit back for over 6 months and to date has only received a small portion of it. Stories like this are extremely sad and disappointing so we figured it was time to come out and publish a new warning and update on the best bingo sites.

When you’re playing any form of gambling for real money it’s extremely important you do your homework. A majority of gamblers are figuring this out but others yet are still naive and don’t understand the importance of doing so. We hope to continue to find these guest and educate them on why it’s important to do so.

One of the hardest things to do is evaluate all the online bingo real money sites that are out there. A majority if not all accept players from the United Kingdom and Europe but how about American folks? There is a lot of research and study done in all of this and frankly is out of are realm on who is the best and who isn’t. When going into such detail we can insure you the best bingo sites for UK players is much different than for Americans.

American real money players is a tad easier for us to describe and recommend as we follow these companies much closer than other parts of the world. Being honest and upfront and sending your members to other sites is not always an easy thing but the right thing to do in this situation. If you’re looking for a good bingo site you can always visit as they provide honest and have always paid their members in a fast and timely manner.

We are still working with the slow paying bingo site on helping the guest who went there on getting paid. We promised them they had one chance to resolve the situation before going public with the name of the bingo company. If you have any feedback on real money bingo sites please let us know as we take that into consideration as well prior to adding them to the site.

Just like any other form of gambling it’s important to remember not to risk more money than you can afford to lose and must always consider the fact some of these gambling operations are not honest and upfront with business dealings. Although it’s only a few that act in this manner it’s still important to remember that.

On an interesting bingo fact it was reported recently in a local newspaper. 1 in 3 people who play bingo online are unable to drive and play bingo at a local bingo hall. It didn’t give clarification on the reasons why but I assume because of age and health factors. Anyhow I thought that was an interesting statistic and wanted to share that with you.

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