French Roulette Online for Money

One of the trademarks of French Roulette games is the La Partage rule, which provides players back fifty percent of their outside even-money bets should the ball land on zero. This successfully lowers the house edge on even money bets to 1.35%. Mixed with the same single-zero wheel found in European Roulette games, French Roulette provides the least overall home edge and the very best odds of winning. We’ve searched the web for the very best online casinos with French Roulette and have outlined them here for your convenience.

History of French Roulette

Roulette is primarily a French game. The game began in that country, with primitive forms showing up as early on the 17th century. Historical evidence shows the game was banned in New France (called Quebec right now) in 1758, and it was being played in Paris in 1796. The original roulette wheel had numbered slots running from 1 to 36, a 0 slot, and 00 slot. The wheel was placed within the center of the table, with two betting layouts situated on either side, allowing many players to participate in a single game.

It wasn’t until 1843 that the single zero wheel came into existence. Although it initial appeared inside the casino/spa town of Homburg, Germany, it was actually developed by two Frenchmen; Francois and Louis Blanc. They had been searching for a approach to compete with the original 00 slot that begun to proliferate across Europe. The wheel proved a success, and led to the single 0 wheel becoming officially known as the French roulette wheel. When gambling was abolished in Germany in the 1860s, the Blanc family moved their roulette game to Monte Carlo, among the few places to still have legal gambling. From that beginning, the popularity of French roulette grew by leaps and bounds. Even these days, French roulette is among the most sought soon after games in European casinos.

How to Play French Roulette

French roulette is played the exact same way as European roulette. The wheels contain the same setup; slots numbered 1 via 36, and single 0 slot. Even the assortment of available bets is the exact same. The table structure allows for Inside Bets and Outside Bets, with Inside Bets delivering larger payouts. The Outside Bets are relatively self explanatory, enabling players to create bets on big groups of numbers, columns, colors, and whether or not the winning number is even or odd.

Inside Bets are slightly more complicated, but only in their placements. Inside Bets allow players to bet on individual numbers or modest groups-numbers alongside each other on the layout. The Inside Bets accessible in French roulette are as follows:


  • Straight-up – A bet on a single number. Produced by placing a chip within the center of a number square.
  • Split – This bet covers two adjoining numbers. Created by placing a chip on the line separating those two numbers.
  • Street – This bet covers 3 numbers on 1 horizontal line. Created by placing a chip on the line at the edge of the inside bet layout.
  • Corner or Square – This bets covers four numbers. Made by placing a chip at the intersection of four number squares.
  • Six Line or Double Street – This bet is similar to the Street, but covers two horizontal lines as an alternative to one. Produced by placing a chip on the intersection of the two streets, at the edge of the Inside Bet layout.
  • Trio – Covers either 0, 1, and 2, or 0, 2, and 3. Produced by placing a chip on the intersection point of the three desired numbers.

French Roulette Compared to other Roulette Variations

French roulette and European roulette vary in only their table styles. French roulette tables have the wheel inside the middle of the table, with two betting layouts on either side. European tables only have 1 layout. The big difference involving the French and American versions is within the wheel; American roulette has a double zero slot, while French doesn’t.

The French variation, like European and American, utilizes numbered slots. This is noticeably different from Royal roulette, which uses playing card numbers and suits as opposed to numbers and colors.

And above all, French Roulette has the La Partage rule, which no other variety has. This makes French Roulette the best variety to play when possible – especially when it comes to playing online roulette games for money.