Underground Poker Games

The reform movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries drove poker underground for a time. It reappeared legally in Nevada when the blossoming casino industry there convinced the state legislature to lift the ban against poker.

Even though poker can be played legally in many U.S. casinos, underground games contain to hold great appeal for some players.

The lure of underground poker games is obvious: thrills and big money.

The danger of underground poker games also is obvious. They tend to draw people of questionable morals.

What’s more, they often are operated by criminal organizations that don’t take kindly to losers who can’t pay up immediately. Underground games also are illegal and can be raided by law enforcement. Finally, underground poker games often get robbed, since it’s widely known that players come prepared with large amounts of cash.

For those who are willing to risk playing in underground games, following some safety rules can reduce hazards. Only play in games operated in neighborhoods you know. Use caution and stay alert to the surroundings at all times.

Inside the game, note the exits and have one picked out in case of trouble. Check out the other players carefully; fidgety, nervous players could have something on their minds other than poker. If anything feels wrong, cash in your chips and leave immediately. No amount of excitement or potential winnings is worth your life.