Seven Card Stud Online

Seven-Card Stud is another classic poker game. It succeeded Five-Card Draw as the top poker game in casinos around the 1950s. Most often it’s played “high,” meaning that whichever player has the highest five-card poker hand from the seven cards he/she is dealt is the winner. However this game also can be played hi-lo, also known as a split-pot game, in which the highest hand and the lowest hand split the pot between them.

To play Seven-Card Stud, all players put in an ante. Starting to his/her left, the dealer deals each player in rotation two cards down (called hole or pocket cards) and one card face-up. Then everyone looks at his or her hole cards. The player with the lowest card showing face-up has to put in a small bet called a “bring in.” Then betting continues to that low-card player’s left. Each player can call, raise, or fold her or his cards.

Once betting finishes, each player gets another face-up card called “the turn” or “fourth street.” This time the betting round starts with the player holding the highest cards showing. From the turn on, the player with the highest cards showing will be the first to bet. Next comes the fifth card (also called “the river”), which is dealt face-up. There’s another round of better, then the sixth card is dealt face-up, followed by more betting. Players still in the game at this point receive the seventh and final card facedown, followed by a final round of betting. Then comes the showdown, when the player with the best five cards from the seven dealt wins.