Making a 3-Way Craps Bet

One smart bet for craps players is called the 3-Way Craps Bet. While it might appear as a straightforward one-roll bet, the bet actually combines three separate hardways bets into a single bet. There are a few things to consider when placing a 3-Way Craps Bet, though.

Three Separate Bets

3-way-craps-betThe 3-Way Craps bet does exactly what it sets. It bets on the three different ways that a player can roll a craps. That means there is a bet placed on the 2, the 3, and the 12 at the same time.

In order to accomplish this, the 3-Way Craps bet should always be easily divisible by three. A $6 or $12 bet accomplishes this by placed either $2 or $4 on each of the individual numbers.

Then if the shooter should roll craps, the player gets a payout depending on which number comes up. Learn craps and try the 3-way Craps bet for free or real money.

The Payouts

3-way-craps-payoutIf a shooter rolls a 2 or a 12, the payoff is much higher than if the player were to roll a 3. The reasons for this are because there are only singular ways to build a 2 or 12, while 3 can be made in two ways.

When a 2 or 12 comes up, the player who places the 3-Way Craps bet wins a payout of 30:1 on their original bet, whereas a 3 returns only 15:1. These are some of the higher payouts in craps, so they are fairly solid bets to make.

Most casinos will gladly accept a 3-Way Craps bet, so long as the players remember to place the bet with an easily viewed multiple of three. No dealer wants to have to work too hard to figure out how to divide a 3-Way bet across the three different craps possibilities.